Chaos Update on Apple Podcasts

Chaos Update

Chaos Update is what I currently call this podcast hobby of mine. I've called it other things in the past. I'm still me.


Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts broadcasts my validated RSS feed to a bunch of podcast platforms and apps. If you're an Apple person, you can subscribe directly to the source, here.



Squadcast is the platform I use to professionally record podcast guests from the comfort of their own desktop computers, anywhere around the world. It's new and fairly awesome.


Spreaker is the hosting platform where I upload my audio files. If you ever want to try and shut me down, contact these people.

iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google

My show is usually available on all the major podcast platforms, including the new Google Podcasts app. If you can't find it, let me know.


My podcast automatically gets sent over to YouTube as an audio-only file. If you're a YouTuber, subscribe there.



You can occasionally find me with my kids on our Twitch account, ExtraWeapons.



For questions and other inquiries, just leave a message.